Primals is a new NFT universe that will bring darkness and elemental magic into the Cardano blockchain. In this war-torn fantasy world set on the distant planet Eris, several races are waging a ruthless battle for the conquest of Primeval, the city remains of the ancients.


The project consists in the generation of multiple collections of NFTs, defining all the different races living in the world of Eris. Each race is a collection of elemental warriors minted under a unique policy id. Each NFT is unique, hand drawn and randomly generated.


Primals are not only digital art, they are dynamic, evolutive, animated programatically and interactive with more than 3000 lines of decentralised graphic code.




Igna symbolizes hope, eternal life and purity. Ignarians, a race from the northern region of eris is able to contain Igna, possessing the power to materialize fire and being able to transfer their memory upon death.


Q1 2022


Jan 2022

Chapter 1A new journey begins

This is where the story begins. We are proud to introduce Primals to the community. We have put our heart and soul into this project for many months before this official public launch :

- Website goes live
- Public discord server
- Social medias
- Phase 1 of the marketing strategy

Q1 2022

Chapter 2 : IgnariansMemory of Ashes

The first Primals collection to leave its permanent mark onto the blockchain. This collection will feature Ignarians, masters of the fire energy

Q2 2022

Chapter 3 : AquariansSource Of Chaos

The second collection of the serie featuring Aquarians, masters of the water energy.

More details coming soon...

Q3 2022

Chapter 4 : TerrariansFaith In Stone

The third collection of the serie featuring Terrarians, masters of the earth energy.

More details coming soon...

Q4 2022

Chapter 4 : AeriansGale of War

The fourth collection of the serie featuring Aerians, warriors of the Aeria kingdom, masters of the air energy.

More details coming soon...




Senior developer and project manager in robotics, machine vision and artificial intelligence. Hacket has been the architect of many life-changing products, from sport simulators to disease detection retinal scanners to autonomous harvesting robots.



Talented artist behind the Primals universe and concept. Marty is an NFT enthusiast and has a lot of experience in the CNFT space. He can’t wait to show his creativity on his first NFT project. Marty is also a passionate martial art teacher.


What currency do I need to mint a Primal NFT?

Primal NFTs can be minted using Cardano's native token ADA.

Where can I buy ADA?

ADA can be bought through most wallet platforms or through a centralized exchange.

How much ADA do I need to mint a Primal NFT?


Can I send the ADA from my centralized exchange wallet?

No!, do not send ADA from a centralized exchange wallet. In that case we won't issue any refund for the transaction. Only send ADA from a supported wallet.

Which wallet can I use to buy and store Primal NFTs?

The wallets that currently support NFT storage on Cardano are Daedalus, Nami, Yoroi and CC Wallet.

How do I buy a Primal NFT?

From your supported wallet, send the required amount of ADA to the payment address. Make sure you have enough ADA to cover the transaction fees. Upon validation of the transaction, the minting process will start and you will shortly receive the NFT in your wallet.

Where can I find the payment address?

The minting address will be posted on the specific channel in our discord server.

What if I send the wrong amount of ADA?

Your transaction will be refunded minus the transaction fees shortly after the minting process is done.

When can I buy a Primal NFT?

The exact minting date will be announced soon, make sure to follow our discord server and twitter account to be the first informed.

Why can't I buy a Primal NFT right now?

We are a small team working hard on the project and we want to make sure the end product meets our high quality standards and vision, we will announce as soon as we are confident enough that we can deliver. Make sure to follow our discord server and twitter account to be the first informed.

How many Primal NFT can I buy in a single transaction?

You can buy 3 per transaction until sell out, transaction are on a first come first serve basis.

Is there a pre-sale I can participate?

Yes, make sure to follow our discord server and twitter account to be the first informed about the pre-sale announcement.

Can I sell my NFT after I buy one?

Yes, you can sell easily sell your Primal NFT by yourself or through a marketplace like CNFT.io.

How many NFTs per series will be available to mint?

Each serie is a limited edition of TBD NFTs.

How many series is planned?

Primas is a perennial project, We have planned 4 series in 2022, one per quarter but we won't be stopping there. Have a look at our Roadmap section for an overview of the planned series.

How can I see my NFT I just purchased?

Head over to pool.pm and type in your wallet address to see your NFT wallet.

Why cardano?

We share the same values of the cardano foundation : innovation, vision, high quality and rigorous work. Read more about Cardano.

How is it fully decentralised?

We are tightly following the CIP-721 standard proposed by Alessandro Konrad of SpaceBudz. All files are stored using the decentralised InterPlanetary File System protocol used by most NFT projects (including Board Ape Yatch Club). We also pin all the files on the decentralised Filecoin and Arweave blockchain for further perennity.

What programming language is used?

We are using our own Primal Graphic Engine coded in HTML 5 and Javascript.

How can I follow the development of the project?

Follow our Trello Development Board to have a transparent view of what we are working on, you can also make suggestions directly in the related section. We also encourage you to follow all our social medias to get exclusive updates.

How can I help best?

The best way you can help us is by sharing our website and social medias with your friends and make our community grow.

Can I become a discord moderator?

Yes, reach out to any of the team member in the discord server and tell us about your experience.

Can I be part of the dev team?

If you think you can be an important asset to our team, reach out to any of the team member in the discord server and tell us why.

Can I make a donation?

Thank you very much for the support and the answer is yes, you can help us grow by sending tips using brave rewards icon.

I can't find my answer...

We are sorry that you didn't find an answer but if you have any other question head over to our discord server, our awesome mods and community is ready to help. We will do our best to update this section as the questions comes.

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